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Important social media influencer trends of 2023

Things are about to feel real (even in the virtual world) as customers are looking for authenticity, community, and vivid experiences. All because of new platforms as well as a laser emphasis on authentic and multi-sensory content.

We all know that social media platforms are all about constantly changing rapidly (we are all trying to keep up, we know :P)
So, do you want to keep up with it in a smart manner? Read on to learn everything you’ll need to know in the coming year.

Top 6 social media marketing trends for 2023

1. TikTok is ready to take over the world

Just like the numerous social media platform updates we come across everyday, TikTok rolled out additional features in the second half of 2022. Making it pretty evident that it has bigger goals than simply becoming the most popular social network among marketers. It aspires to be the best social network ever, bar none.

TikTok, which has a history of invention (its original video format served as the model for YouTube Shorts and Meta’s Reels, after all), has released 7 original features this year, directly influenced by other social media platforms. With these new features, a collaboration with Linktree, Shopify, and WooCommerce, and rumors of a podcast app, TikTok appears to be vying to become a “super app.”

2. The only new app that matters: BeReal

BeReal is a photo-sharing app that asks users to post one unaltered, unedited photo every day to a small circle of friends.

Why is it so popular? Because Gen Z wants unedited, uncurated content on social media that doesn’t pressure you to make a purchase or make you feel lousy about your life. They are here to have a good time; that’s all that matters.

3. A new era of influencers

For years, influencer marketing has been recognized as a trend, but in 2023, the definition of “influencer” is evolving. Influencers with dedicated followers and niche expertise who can produce excellent user-generated content are equally as important as prominent influencers with millions of followers. Finding influencers and implementing appropriate influencer marketing strategies that matter to your audience or industry is key – crucial for small and medium-sized enterprises and B2B brands.

4. Keywords vs Hashtags

According to Google’s internal study, 40% of people between the ages of 18 and 24 are now utilizing social media as their primary search engine.

What does that exactly mean? It’s time to expand your social strategy with some keyword research. Use keyword research to motivate you to create content that people are already searching for rather than putting random hashtags into your content after a post is published.

5. It’s time to tell your millennial buddies to stop using GIFs

Yes, it will be difficult to convince millennials that gifs are not only an out-of-date technology that predates the internet but that they are also, um, not cool anymore – don’t kill us, we are not saying it. Giphy, the gif search engine, has acknowledged signs of a general decline in gif use as a result of a drop in user and content partner interest in gifs.

6. LinkedIn will be about much more than jobs

Have you noticed lately that the personal updates on your LinkedIn feed are becoming more and more ‘out there’? The sort of social media content you would typically be seeing on your Facebook feed?

It’s time to switch up your posting strategy by adding a few linkless items, like inspirational quotes, funny jokes, or brief but inspiring personal experiences. Give your brands a personal perspective so that your followers may see a human side. Yet, be sincere and based on reality to avoid offending anyone.

Pump up your social media marketing in 2023

Being adept with social media marketing trends opens up a lot of potential for marketers and companies, but smart audience engagement requires a certain instinct for knowing when and how to use it.

Are you certain that you are making the most of social media for the benefit of your company? Write to us at if you want to be the best brand possible by utilizing these social media marketing trends & influencer marketing strategies.