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You’ve heard the saying before, content is king!
Content, content, content – our talented copywriters breathe – sleep – eat content, always striving to come up with something better than cliches like “content is king”.
At Brand Mender, what sets us apart is that we believe that – If the content is king, context is the kingdom.
Why so?
On a timeline overloaded with generic posts from corporate logos, it is important to set the purpose of each post. Of course, while keeping in mind that words, pictures, and motion are indeed the fundamental blocks.
Rest assured, Content marketing is given the “god status” in the digital marketing strategy, co-designed with you and us.

Importance of Consistent, High-Quality Content Marketing

In the ever-evolving marketing world – Funny, practical, beautiful, and inspirational content is preferred. It leads to people following your brand and really purchasing what you’re selling.

  1. Brands prioritizing SEO-friendly blog posts are 13X more likely to see a positive marketing ROI.
  2. For your brand, content marketing drives traffic, conversions, AND leads.
  3. Content marketing improves SEO rankings, and also supports your other marketing initiatives.
  4. Content marketing creates long-term, sustainable results.

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Content Marketing
Content Marketing
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We never write or produce art for the sake of it. The purpose of the activity must be to ensure that your brand's perceptions are received by potential customers in the exact manner you desire. With us, you will always be in complete control. The bonus is the company of a fun and quirky companion in the passenger seat helping you in getting to your destination.
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