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Top 5 Benefits of Competitive Analysis - BrandMender

Building and running a successful business involves more than just figuring out who your target market is and how to best attract them. Have you been wondering about the proactive actions of your competitors? What are you doing new or trying something better compared to them?

Throughout our journey as an evolving digital marketing agency, we’ve been invariably surprised & mostly shocked by the number of prospects and companies who still don’t perform in-depth competitive analysis. We believe that conducting a thorough competitor analysis as part of marketing strategy – not only provides you with insights into where your competitors are succeeding but may also feed you with novel digital marketing visions to incorporate into your strategy to boost traffic and conversions.

This blog explores how you can leverage new insights into your own audience and what the competition is doing in the digital marketing sphere.

Competitor Analysis: Key to Unlocking Your Brand’s Potential

A practical approach for determining how your business compares to other brands and discovering the advantages and disadvantages of other market players is known as competitor analysis.

So what exactly is Competitor Analysis in Digital Marketing?
Simply put, competitor analysis is the act of researching and examining the marketing strategies of the companies present in a particular market.
Because of a robust competitive analysis, your company is now better positioned to create new competitive advantages and branding & marketing strategies, which can be swiftly transformed into an effective business and marketing strategy.

A 6-Step Competitor Research - BrandMender

Stay Ahead of the Competition: The Power of Competitor Analysis

Competitive analysis techniques help you uncover possible opportunities where you can outperform your competitors by gaining insights into their inner core workings.

Additionally, it helps you keep abreast of industry trends and ensure that your product continuously meets and surpasses industry requirements.

Benefits of conducting competitive analysis:

  • Assists you in determining the distinctive value proposition of your product and what sets it apart from the competition; helping in future marketing efforts.
  • Enables you to determine what your competition is doing “right”; helps in maintaining your relevance and makes sure your product and marketing initiatives surpass industry standards.
  • Reveals the drawbacks of your competitors, allowing you to find market opportunities and test out fresh, original marketing strategies to your advantage.
  • Examine what features customers feel are lacking in a competitor’s product and consider adding those features to your own to satisfy their requirements.
  • Provides you with a standard and benchmark to measure & compare your personal development.

Know Your Competition, Grow Your Business

Conducting a thorough and beneficial competitor analysis takes some time, just like any other research undertaking. Remember that this is a continuous process but analysing competitors and including competitor analysis in your regular digital marketing tasks will be beneficial.

To make sure you aren’t caught off guard by new competition in your market or their new strategies, we recommend doing it every three months or at the very least once a year – your findings will get better as you gain experience.

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